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Mira Laime
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• 6/24/2015

Spawn trigger distance

Thanks for a great add-on, we have expanded its use to populate map edits with AI for a mission like experience.  For custom spawns, at what distance does a player need to reach in order to spawn in the event?   Is this distance configurable anywhere?    

It would be nice if this were configurable on a per custom spawn basis.

1) To allow close quarters suprises.  When a player gets within 10 meters of this building, bad guys appear inside the building and start to pour out...

2) To allow sniper friendly events.   When a player gets within 1200 meters of the target area... he can begin to snipe (attempt to snipe) the spawn.

Thanks again!

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• 6/25/2015

looks like its fixed at 750 meters from the file: A3EAI.pbo/compile/A3EAI_unit_spawning/A3EAI_spawn_dynamic.sqf

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