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Mira Laime
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• 7/14/2015

Number of AI patrols

My group and I run a small Epoch PvE server and are working on seting up your AI scripts to use.  We seem to be running into a bit of an issue however.  We currently have it setup for 4 Heli patrols with a couple of possible reinforments but according to the following in the logs we are getting a lot more then we are asking for.  Any ideas as to why this is happening.  Also this isn't just in the log, we are seeing many more heli's in the air then requested.

//Global maximum number of active AI air vehicle patrols. Set at 0 to disable (Default: 0).

A3EAI_maxHeliPatrols = 4;

//Global maximum number of active AI land vehicle patrols. Set at 0 to disable (Default: 0).

A3EAI_maxLandPatrols = 4;

//Maximum allowed number of simultaneous active reinforcements (Default: 5).

A3EAI_maxAirReinforcements = 2;

1:57:09 "A3EAI Monitor: Uptime: 2:51:3. FPS: 50. Active AI Groups: 8. Respawn Queue: 0 groups. HC Connected: false."

1:57:09 "A3EAI Monitor: Static Spawns: 0. Dynamic Spawns: 0. Random Spawns: 13. Air Patrols: 14. Land Patrols: 19."

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• 7/14/2015

Sorry the above was me, forgot to sign in first.

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