User-made suggestions make a considerable contribution to the kinds of features and changes added to A3EAI and are always welcomed. However, decisions need to be made about whether each idea suggested is appropriate for A3EAI.

Below is a list of most common denied feature requests for A3EAI, and a brief reasoning behind each being denied.

A feature request may be denied if:

  1. The feature is impossible or impractical to implement: For example, if the feature is impossible due to technical limitations of scripting. It may also be potentially highly resource-demanding or prone to error.
  2. Developer preference or potentially harmful to gameplay: If I (the developer) do not personally believe the feature has a justifiable reason to be implemented, or if the feature requested has a potential to be negative to general gameplay, it will not be implemented.

If you request something that has already been placed on this list, do not expect a reply. Otherwise, feel free to suggest away.

Denied Feature Reason(s) Denied
Friendly AI Impossible or Highly Impractical to implement

In ArmA 3, there are four usable "sides" in scripting that player or AI units can be potentially assigned to: West, East, Resistance, Civilian.

In Arma 3 Epoch, players occupy both West and East sides for the male and female gendered characters. Because of this, both West and East sides must be set friendly to each other, and must be set hostile to Resistance, since this side is used for the Antagonist units (Epoch) and AI units (A3EAI). Civilian is a side that should never be used for scripting in AI involved in potential combat situations since it often causes issues.

For example, a player who kills a friendly Civilian will eventually be considered hostile with the Civilian side. Many game objects are considered Civilian, and will no longer be able to be interacted with since the Civilian side is now made hostile to the player.

If West/East sides are used for friendly AI, killing the friendly AI will cause the player to be hostile to West/East, making it impossible for players to enter into the same vehicle of the side made hostile. All AI belonging to the side made hostile will also now shoot on sight of the player until the player relogs.

With friendly AI, it is inevitable that users will request some sort of conditional hostility function. In this post on the Epoch forums, I explain why this is impractical to the point of impossibility:

Developer preference or potentially harmful to gameplay

I do not believe that friendly AI has any place in a survival environment, and any AI that is not an enemy is essentially wasted server resources. The goal of A3EAI is to cause additional gameplay challenge by increasing the frequency and likelihood of player death, not to babysit players.

AI vehicles usable by players Developer preference

The vehicles used by AI are only meant to be used by that AI group specifically, and removed when the AI group has been wiped out. Allowing players to use abandoned AI vehicles has a potential to unbalance gameplay since these vehicles are spawned outside of the vehicles already spawned by Epoch.

Because the number of AI vehicles spawned is potentially unlimited, in one gameplay session, the AI vehicles will eventually take up a larger proportion of usable vehicles. This will artificially inflate the number of vehicles, with a bias towards the vehicles spawned by A3EAI over time.

Because the vehicles are temporary and not saved to database (see more about DB-saving in section below), any items that players store within these vehicles will be permanently lost upon server restart (or crash), leading to player frustration.

Saving AI vehicles to database (for use by players) Impractical to implement, Developer preference

Every vehicle saved to the database adds towards Epoch's total vehicle limit, and problems will occur once this limit is exceeded.

For example, if there is a limit of 10 "Vehicle A", and there are already 10 of "Vehicle A" on the server, and 2 of "Vehicle A" spawned by A3EAI and saved to the databse, on next server restart 2 of these vehicles will be missing since the limit of 10 "Vehicle A" is exceeded.

Because the amount of vehicles spawned by A3EAI is potentially unlimited, eventually the server database will be filled with abandoned AI vehicles. This limits the variety of vehicles found within the game world, with a heavy bias towards the type of vehicles spawned by A3EAI.

Preventing AI from walking through walls Impossible or Highly Impractical to implement

This is an engine-level problem that only BIS can successfully solve. SQF scripting cannot fix this.

Adding AI-usable static weapons Developer preference or potentially harmful to gameplay

Static weapons do not belong in A3 Epoch, mainly because they are not spawned by the vanilla mod.

Static weapons also serve to only further militarize gameplay, which is not something A3EAI seeks to do.

Some static weapons may also be disassembled, and currently there is no scripting command to disable this.

I also do not want to have go deal with user requests about allowing players to use static weapons or having the static weapons save to the database.

Making AI launcher weapons usable by players Developer preference or potentially harmful to gameplay

Because the vast majority of vehicles in A3 Epoch are not armored, launcher weapons are made more overpowered from a relative point of view. Vehicles should be an advantage to players, not to open up players to potential instant death.

Allowing players to collect, store, and potentially hoard launcher weapons and ammo is also a massively unwise decision. Do you really want established player bases to be fully stocked with anti-vehicle launchers?

Preventing AI from entering bases The feature is impossible or impractical to implement

Every reasonable attempt has already been made to prevent AI from entering into player-made bases. Infantry AI spawns are prevented from being created near locations with Frequency Jammers placed, but vehicle AI patrols cannot be blocked since A3EAI does not control vehicle pathing, only point-to-point destinations.

Map markers Developer preference or potentially harmful to gameplay

It is my (the developer's) preference to leave the map uncluttered with markers. Many existing missions addons already add a bunch of markers onto the map, I do not want A3EAI to add to the clutter. The A3EAI units are intended to be part of the game world just like any other player and marking their positions (or general location) goes against this.